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Camunda Community Day in San Francisco

On November 9th 2017, Camunda North America is organizing the first ever Camunda Community Day in San Francisco!

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Introducing Zeebe.io at Camunda Vienna Meetup

Two days ago I gave a presentation at the Camunda Vienna meetup. I was invited by the meetup’s founder and now co-organizer Martin Schimak to introduce Zeebe.io (Camunda’s new Workflow Engine for microservice orchestration) to the Camunda community in Vienna. The Camunda community in Vienna is very active and Martin has done an impressive job over the last year to bring this group of people together. This week, around 35 participants attended the meetup.

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Webinar – How to Achieve Developer-friendly, Resilient Workflow Automation

Tomorrow there will be a webinar hosted by my colleague Niall Deehan and myself about Camunda and Hazelcast.

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Fixing the Stack Overflow Bug in Camunda BPM

Today I spent the better part of a great sunny Saturday on something pretty much useless. But it was a lot of fun.

Usually, I try to do useful stuff. How do I know if something is useful? I listen to our users and customers. We get a lot of feedback through different channels. There is enterprise support, the community forums, twitter, consultants who return from workshop, … many people use our product and have something to say about their experience.

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Save BPMN as Json?

I think the BPMN Working Group at the OMG should consider defining a Json-based serialization format for BPMN. This would allow users to save BPMN processes and workflows directly as Json files.

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Workflows and loose temporal coupling

Long-running conversations often involve multiple participating systems. The more participants there are and the more they need to communicate, the more important it is to ensure loose temporal coupling. This has different dimensions:

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Don't just Queue it

Implementing asynchronous conversations on top of workflow is much easier than just using messaging.

Messaging is a solution to the problem of how two or more endpoints can communicate in an asynchronous way. This solves the problem of decoupling the endpoints from one another.

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Should asynchronous service invocations be visible in a BPMN diagram?

This post is about modeling asynchronous service invocations in BPMN.

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Horizontally scalable Workflow

One of the things I have been pondering over is horizontal scalability for workflow engines. Horizontally scalable systems have disrupted other parts of the middleware market, starting with database systems and, for some time now, messaging. So it seems only natural that workflow will be the next segment of middleware systems to be disrupted by the rise of distributed systems.

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Starting long-running.net

I have been playing with the idea of starting a blog for quite some time now. During my work on Camunda BPM, which is an open source platform for Workflow and Business Process Management, I come across many interesting things that I think are worth sharing.

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