Save BPMN as Json?

I think the BPMN Working Group at the OMG should consider defining a Json-based serialization format for BPMN. This would allow users to save BPMN processes and workflows directly as Json files.

Here is why:

Simpler to support in Web-based Tooling

More and more tooling around BPMN is web-based and implemented in Javascript. For example, have a look at Camunda’s If BPMN could be serialized to Json, it would be much simpler to build such tooling since the whole ordeal of parsing Xml in the browser would be going away.

Consider: much of the value of BPMN is centered around having a visual diagram as the basis for communication and collaboration. In this context web based tooling for modeling, visualizing and annotating BPMN processes is key.

Declining attractiveness of Xml in the Developer Community

More and more developers consider Xml to be old-school (and not in the positive sense). If BPMN wants to remain attractive to the developer community, it should consider alternative serialization formats to Xml. Json seems to be the natural choice.

While most Java developers may still accept Xml as a serialization format and are familiar with the tooling around it, the wider developer community is not.

Maybe BPMN 3.0 can delete the BPEL mapping part of the specification and replace it with a serialization format. I would support it!