Webinar – How to Achieve Developer-friendly, Resilient Workflow Automation

Tomorrow there will be a webinar hosted by my colleague Niall Deehan and myself about Camunda and Hazelcast.

Hazelcast is an open source distributed datagrid written in Java. Like Camunda it is very lightweight and can be added to any Java Application. Hazelcast is a smallish company that’s focusing on open source. As I see it, they compete against the really big players in their market and try to change things for the better. I’d like to say, that’s two more central things we seem to have in common.

In the webinar we’ll have the great opportunity to present Camunda to the Hazelcast community.

Initially we interacted with Hazelcast through code. At Camunda we organize a yearly hackathon. Last year, Roman Smirnov, Sebastian Menski and I worked on Hazelcast Persistence for Camunda. A week earlier I’d had a call with two engineers working for a prospective customer about how they can use Hazelcast in their globally distributed task management system spanning multiple data centers. They explored options of how to integrate Camunda. I was really impressed with the deployment they had and could motivate Roman and Sebastian to work with me on a prototype during the hacksession. This is how it started.

Here you can see Sebastian hacking on the project:

Not only did we lay the groundwork for the Hazelcast persistence during those few days, we also defined the SPIs in the process engine which later allowed other people to use Camunda with Cassandra.

And as it happens, Wednesday - Friday this week, we’ll get together for this year’s hackathon :)