Introducing at Camunda Vienna Meetup

Two days ago I gave a presentation at the Camunda Vienna meetup. I was invited by the meetup’s founder and now co-organizer Martin Schimak to introduce (Camunda’s new Workflow Engine for microservice orchestration) to the Camunda community in Vienna.

The Camunda community in Vienna is very active and Martin has done an impressive job over the last year to bring this group of people together. This week, around 35 participants attended the meetup. Most attendees were very familiar with Camunda BPM either using it in their projects or seriously evaluating it.

(More impressions at the Meetup page)

My presentation was focused around I started with an high-level overview of the system followed by a more in-depth discussion of Zeebe’s reactive pub/sub protocols for orchestrating microservices. I also talked about how Zeebe’s event-driven approach allows different stakeholders (business & IT) to gain visibility into processes in a CQRS architecture. Finally I did a little demonstration of Zeebe’s performance which is more than 100x better than traditional workflow engines and opens new use cases. The slides of my presentation are available through slide-share:

The presentation was followed by an hour of lively discussion. I rarely get so many questions at meetups! Most people in the room were absolute experts in Camunda BPM and as a result we could go very deep into Zeebe covering details on how scaling works, the communication protocols but also how Zeebe fits into the larger event-driven architecture picture. Great feedback as well!

At some point we had to break off the Q&A session and continued the discussions informally over beers and snacks. Some people also approached me about contributing to Zeebe, one attendee is considering to build a C# client. For me personally it was also great to see Rafael Cordones. Rafael contributed a lot to the Camunda community in the early days and it was really nice t catch up.

I had a lot of fun, many thanks to the Camunda Vienna community for giving me such a warm welcome!